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Online Live Training - Hands-on: The LESER Training Box

In April we were able to celebrate the debut of the experienceLESER online training sessions. This new, virtual training format which combines with a physical safety valve 
in a box has been this year’s highlight for experienceLESER, which now comprises all knowledge and hands-on expertise transfer activities at LESER. 
Since the beginning of this year, more than 1,600 customers, partners, representatives of LESER Authorized Repair Centers (LARCs), interested parties and LESER employees have received training on a variety of technical topics. The standard training program has been expanded to include online classes, and the infrastructure has been improved. The LESER Chatroom many users are already familiar with now features three new, permanently installed assembly benches and one mobile test bench for maintenance training courses. From disassembly to re-assembly and the associated tightness checks, LESER training courses include plenty of practical exercises. 
The range of topics has grown, as well: The team of trainers has developed new demonstrations on back pressure, pneumatic actuators and the operation of various safety valves working with water as a medium. To refine the LESER training standard from a didactic point of view, Marc Oerding has undergone special training to become a certified industrial instructor. In addition, the experienceLESER team has been joined by Iris Nachtigal and will soon be augmented again by an additional technical trainer. This is necessary to cover the strong demand for classroom, online, live online, and on-site classes.
Every technical training course highlights the product exhibition, the LESER Museum 1818, and the state-of-theart-seminar rooms at LESER. To ensure smooth booking and execution of all training courses, LESER has acquired new booking software.
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Training – a grow area

experienceLESER is a standalone brand, a sales support service and a global opportunity to embark on the LESER customer journey. Knowledge transfer is implemented using methods and channels tailored to each target group using state-of-the-art equipment and materials. The technical training courses and the LESER Academy provide the fundamental knowledge LESER customers, partners, LARCs, other interested parties, and employees need.

Online Live Training using the training box

Feel like taking on-screen instruction at your home to learn how to assemble a safety valve? Then book the new LESER Online Live Training course using the training box. Since its launch last April, more than 170 participants have used this new training format. The experienceLESER team puts together a custom training box for each user. It contains a specific LESER safety valve and is shipped to the customer by mail ahead of the course date. This enables all participants of online live training to familiarize themselves hands on with the individual parts, the assembly process and the functional theory of the safety valve. 
For customers in Germany, the training box contains all the parts for one High Performance safety valve, plus a spare parts kit, a mounting plate, and some information on LESER web services. International participants will get a LESER API safety valve. 
Many customers are grateful they can avoid a trip to Hamburg by participating in LESER training from their own office, shop or even their home office. The course content is the same of that of classroom courses. The training box enhances the practical learning experience. The team of trainers teaches these classes live from the LESER Chatroom, conveying solid knowledge on the fundamentals of safety valve technology, maintenance and repair as well as valve sizing and valve selection. 

Webinars and classes at customer sites

Apart from its standard program of training courses, experienceLESER has held webinars on specific topics, as well. For example, a live webinar broadcast from the Chatroom focused on the Clean Service series and included a number of demonstrations. 300 customers from the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries got some first-hand instruction on suitable safety valves, high cleanliness requirements, surface finishing and custom design features. 
The LESER Training Break was first introduced in 2020. Now the format is available in Russian language, as well. These webinars provide knowledge about overpressure protection. Around 350 existing and potential future customers in Russia have taken part so far. 
The Gendorf Chemical Park held an ‘Expert Dialog’ on spring-loaded safety valves, bursting discs and combinations of bursting discs and safety valves for its customers. Jointly with REMBE®, LESER contributed a life broadcast from the LESER Chatroom.

Employee Training

New members of the LESER team are typically familiarized with experienceLESER right from the beginning. They take part in comprehensive technical training courses to learn about the theory and practice of safety valves. Furthermore, LESER has introduced regular trainee and university student meetings where technical topics revolving around overpressure protection can be discussed. LESER China has taken part in a Train-the-Trainer program for the first time. Furthermore, a number of basic maintenance trainings for pilot-operated safety valves were organized for LESER Brazil.
What is on the agenda for next year? We will continue expanding our training opportunities. Apart from new technical courses, there will be additional online seminars that can be taken at any time or place. In addition, we will set up a global LESER trainer network that will enable us to offer technical training based on common global standards. All this will further increase the number of available courses as well as the number of participants, which will make a difference for our sales revenues, as well.

The experienceLESER standard training program

LESER offers training courses on the following topics at all times:

  • Safety valve basic training
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Sizing and selecting safety valves

Training courses can be selected in various different formats to suit individual needs:

  • Classroom training at the LESER Kontor building (fixed place and time)
  • Online Live Training (any location, fixed time)
  • Online courses (any time and location)

In addition, customers may book on-site training courses, subject matter-specific webinars and employee training classes.


LESER Training Break

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