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LESER The Company is the new central document for client meetings. Here you will find a short guideline for the use of LESER to represent LESER uniformly worldwide.

How do I use LESER The Company?

  • Each meeting participant receives a personal copy.
  • Several LESER or sales partner business cards can be clipped into the flaps in the envelope and handed over in full.
  • A personalised cover letter or a current offer in the folder further improves the overall impression.

How do I present LESER The Company? 

  • The presentation can take place electronically via PDF or using the printed brochure.
  • Ideally, it starts with a PDF presentation and the subsequent handing over of a personal copy of the LESER The Company brochure to each interview participant.


What do I need to bear in mind?

  • LESER The Company lives from the reduced messages on the individual pages. Concentrate on these and do not dilute your presentation with too many aspects.
  • LESER The Company builds on each other. Stick to this order, even if you only present selected content.
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