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VDMA reports on the use of safety valves in vaccine production

As part of its reporting on current topics in the industry, the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) has published an article on the topic of "Safety valves in vaccine production". For this purpose, LESER has provided an insight regarding the cooperation with various pharmaceutical manufacturers.

“LESER contributes to the rapid build-up of the necessary production capacities with suitable safety valves for production plants for vaccine production. For LESER, the pharmaceutical industry is an important customer group, so the Clean Service product group was able to provide the right solution with short delivery times right from the start. The safety valves are required in the production plants to protect against impermissible overpressure, prevent damage to the plant and thus ensure the safety of people and the environment.

The customer requirement

To ensure that safety valves function reliably in vaccine production plants, they must be adapted to the specific requirements of this industry. High quality standards must be maintained in vaccine production to ensure that the vaccine is effective and harmless. The production of pharmaceuticals is therefore subject to strict approval procedures and guidelines such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Good manufacturing practices prescribe, among other things, the appropriate equipment and the use of flawless materials and containers. Accordingly, the equipment must be designed to reduce the risk of errors. In addition, thorough cleaning and maintenance must be made possible so that contamination, dirt accumulation and, in general, effects that degrade the quality of the product are avoided.