Training 4 - Webinar

Training 4: Webinar Technical Training

This Training is aimed at maintenance personnel, Operators and fitters who are responsible for permanent operational readiness.
The Training provides know-how for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of LESER safety valves according to factory Standard.
The seminars will be held in German language unless “English” is explicitly indicated.

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Knowledge module 1 - Function of safety valves in the plant 

  • Presentation of safety installations according to the Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Basics of overpressure protection
  • Function of the designs
  • Set pressure
  • Tightness
  • Back pressure
  • Inlet pressure loss
  • Safety valve too large - Safety valve too small
  • Installation position
  • Materials
  • Guidelines, regulations and standards
  • Basics of safety valve design (user training)

Knowledge module 6 - Maintenance - Practical work

  • Disassembly / assembly safety valves
    • API
    • High Performance
    • Compact Performance
    • Clean Service
  • Disassembly / Assembly Pilot Operated Safety Valves
    • Pop Action
    • Modulate Action

Knowledge module 5 - Maintenance

  • Maintenance intervals
  • Function test in the system
  • Repair Process
  • Workshops and necessary equipment
  • Dismantling and cleaning
  • Rework of critical parts
  • Assembly
  • Test methodError causes and rectification
  • Maintenance Manual / Videos / Web Services 

Knowledge module 10 – The company LESER

  • Safety briefing
  • Facts and figures
  • LESER overview (LESER Kontor Tour)
  • LESER Museum 1818
  • Chatroom
  • Product exhibition LESER Kontor
  • Presentation of dynamometer
  • Virtual factory tour