Safety valves according to API 526 with standardized capacities, installation dimensions and materials

  • Standardized design and selection according to API 520
  • Wide range of high-alloy materials available in standard delivery times
  • Longer service life due to hardened discs, stellited seats and shielded bellows
  • LESER Nanotightness exceeds API 527 tightness requirements by 50%
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API safety valve from LESER

Technical data API Safety valves

Set pressure

0.2 - 400 barg | 2 - 5,802 psig

-273 - 550 °C | -450 - 1,000 °F
orifice D to T
Connections DIN EN 1092

DN 25 to DN 200
Connections ASME B16.5
NPS 1 to NPS 8

Body material

Carbon steel , heat resistant Carbon steel , Stainless steel
Urea Plant
Case study

LESER's safety valves increase the reliability and capacity of urea plants

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Industries / Applications

Chemical industry

LESER products

API and Best Availability


Avoid clogging of the discharge bladder line as well as condensation and erosion corrosion in the seat area.


LESER's solution against corrosion

In the last 10 years LESER has installed more than 1800 Safetys valves in urea plants in almost all countries of the world.

Of these 1800, more than 320 are equipped with the LESER Steam Flushing System , which prevents clogging of the discharge bladder line and condensation and erosion corrosion in the seat area .

More than 70 Safetys valves are designed with a standardized 3J4 block body design and LESER flushing system with the following advantages:

  • Material of all wetted parts can be in high corrosion resistant composition
  • Constant temperature of the nozzle, higher than the condensation temperature of the carbamate solution, to avoid negative corrosion effects and material structure effects of the sealing surface.
  • Metal-to-metal sealing with LESER nanotightness process for sealing finishn with roughness and flatness in the measuring range of 100 nm.
  • 360° flushing of the main valve body to prevent crystallization in the event of a blowdown situation
  • A steam supply point is required for LESER purging , even if a Heating jacket is pre-installed to heat the outer area of the block body with minimal steam consumption .

And the synthesis sections of already four lines in urea plants are equipped with the LESER auxiliary loading system , which allows these plants to operate the synthesis pressure very close to the target pressure, resulting in higher conversion rates and 75% lower emissions in case of a blowdown situation.

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API Safetys valves
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