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Maintenance of POSV
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Maintenance of Pilot Operated Safety Valves

Learn how the LESER pilot operated safety valve is maintained or repaired. The MAINTENANCE offers an extensive collection of documents for maintenance or repair.

This is how you proceed

Download the file and find all the information in one PDF:

Maintenance videos

In addition, LESER offers you a series of maintenance videos in which you can follow the maintenance of pilot operated safety valves step by step.

1. Disassembly of Wires and Tubing

Watch the video

2.1 Disassembly Modulate Action Pilot 

Watch the video

2.2 Disassembly Pop Action Pilot

Watch the video

3. Disassembly Main Valve

Watch the video

4.1 Assembly Modulate Action Pilot Diaphragm

Watch the video

4.2 POSV Assembly Pop Action Pilot

Watch the video

5. Assembly Main Valve

Watch the video

6. Adjustments and Tests of Set Pressure

Watch the video

7. Adjustments and Tests of Tightness

Watch the video
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